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The Red Skelton Show (2 DVD)

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Most of Red’s repertoire of regular characters had been developed on radio, before a live audience, and they worked just as well on television.

Among the best known were The Mean Widdle Kid, who left chaos wherever he went (his favorite expression: «I dood it!»);
Clem Kadiddlehopper, the befuddled rustic;
Sheriff Deadeye, the scourge of the West;
boxer Cauliflower McPugg;
Willie Lump-Lump, the drunk;
San Fernando Red, the con man;
and Bolivar Shagnasty. The one major addition to Red’s character list for the TV show was Freddie the Freeloader, a hobo who never spoke.

Skelton was a warm, human performer who loved his audience as much as they loved him. His closing line was always a sincere, «Good night and may God bless.»
6 Episodes 01.

Painting 02. The Game Show 03. Oil 04. Showboat 05. Freddie 06. Fish Market

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Standart 4:3 (1,33:1)

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DVD-5 (1 слой)


Картонный бокс + кеер case



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Общая продолжительность сборника: 300 минут The Red Skelton Show. Vol. 1 / The Red Skelton Show. Vol. 2 Bonus: Biography Trivia Quiz