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Forever James Dean

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Hollywood star and cultural icon, still one of the most recognisable faces oi modern cinema although his death occurred almost fifty years ago.

Dean’s star burned briefly, but fiercely, and he left us with three remarkable film performances, in ‘East Of Eden’, ‘Giant’
and the classic ‘Rebel Without A Cause’. Forever James Dean is a fascinating insight into the life and work of Dean, from his early upbringing to
Hollywood fame and his untimely death.

The beginnings of Dean’s career are represented with rare material featuring commercial and stage appearances. Many of Dean’s
Hollywood co-stars are interviewed, providing fascinating insights into working with him.

The original theatrical trailers for ‘Giant’, ‘East Of Eden’
and ‘Rebel Without A Cause’
are also included, making Forever James Dean an intimate and thorough portrait of a true screen legend.

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